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Hello all, my name is Kelly Michels and I am Sr. QA for 3ds Max. For over the past fifteen plus years, I have worked on most features of 3ds Max. One of my responsibilities as a Sr. 3ds Max QA also includes the role of the 3ds Max Beta Manager. Also, some of you may recognize me from many of the main 3ds Max online communities such as The Area and others. As I talk with many of you, I have received a lot of great positive feedback as well as constructive input regarding 3ds Max.

As one of the administrator for the 3ds Max feedback site on Uservoice we have also been sorting through a lot of our feature requests. The past system has many submissions that may be outdated and no longer relevant or have been resolved in newer releases. There were also many overlapping items as well.

One of our biggest concerns is the way many users tend to drop-off participation as all their votes are tied up at the maximum limit.

With the New Year comes new opportunities for improvement and in this spirit we are launching the new Autodesk Idea’s community for 3ds Max! This new and improved site works similar to Uservoice with some useful improvements as well.

Site improvements include:

Unlimited votes with one vote per Idea
Having the ability to vote on new ideas without having to “free up” votes if you had reached your vote limit allows continuous participation in on going Ideas.

Updating the Ideas' list
Over the past years the previous site had many outdated as well as duplicated Ideas. This site gives us a fresh and more relevant start. To get the ideas flowing, we did bring over some of the top open ideas from the previous list.

Simplified Access
The system works directly with your existing Autodesk Single Sign One (SSO) account for a more seamless experience for all users.

Continuous ongoing support
The Autodesk Idea’s system allows great flexibility and ease of use by our team to manage and maintain the system. As well as better internal statistics for use to make improvements based on usage.

The new Autodesk 3ds Max Ideas page can be accessed here. In the next few days we will work on redirecting all previous links to the original url: http://3dsmaxfeedback.autodesk.com as well.

I hope you will take the opportunity to check out the new updated 3ds Max Idea’s site and give us your feedback!


Kelly Michels
3ds Max Senior QA
3ds Max Beta and Idea’s Manager
MEI Division Beta Administrator

Twitter: @Kelly_Michels
Autodesk, Inc.

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