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E-commerce workflows with 3ds Max

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Last modification: 2 Feb, 2021

A series of video tutorials covering workflows relevant in e-commerce.

First, we see how to generate high quality materials using PBR texture kits. This video also demonstrates how to leverage and standardize on custom material libraries and how to separate a mesh into material IDs so multiple materials can be applied to a model:

Next, we explore how to render your products over a white background as well as how to render them in context with contextual imagery:

In e-commerce we typically have to produce different experiences from the same model. Wether it be photo-realistic renderings or real-time mobile AR. Being able to create resolution variants of the same model is key. This next video shows how to capture details from a high resolution model and apply them to a low resolution variant:

In our last video we saw how to apply high res details to low res models. This next video shows one workflow on how to create the low res model itself:


A slightly more niche use case, but often times some models need to appear distressed. Creating this can sometimes be tedious. This next videos show a workflow for creating a distressed shader effect while keeping it fully portable from one application to another:

In our last video, we saw how to create a simple distressed shader graph. Often times, these effects can be made much more complexe using native 3ds Max shaders. The problem with these workflows is that these native shaders are not portable outside of 3ds Max. This next video shows to bake down complexe shader graphs into fully portable PBR textures:

3ds Max 2021.3 ships with all new industry leading retopology tools. These tools makde the creation of model resolution variants (LODs) much easier. When you combine retopology with the new texture baking tools introduced in 2021, you have a very eleganrt workflow for generating LODs. Let's take a look:

Lastly, here's a project that covers much of what we covered in this blog post:
- viewport setup
- triplanar mapping
- PBR setups
- Retoplogy
- Texture Baking
- Depth of Field
- Bloom

Hope this was useful, thanks!

- Jose




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