How to Create Real-Time Mapping Projections

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Last modification: 15 Jun, 2021

Real-time mapping projections are used to bring a multitude of immersive experiences to life – from displays on large architectural facades at sports stadiums to small indoor stages at rock concerts.

With recent advancements in 3ds Max, it’s now possible to quickly create realistic 3D textures and designs and project them directly onto physical models in real-time.  Achieving these real-time projections with changing effects can be time-consuming and requires high-powered machines. Thanks to powerful hardware from BOXX Technologies with Intel processors, artists can quickly previsualize high-quality mapping effects straight from 3ds Max and iterate multiples times. 

Don’t believe us? Watch Eloi Andaluz Fullà test this out by using the latest modeling and texturing tools in 3ds Max to create 3D designs and project them directly from the Viewport onto a physical model he built using Legos. He also utilizes BOXX Technologies’ powerful APEXX W4 workstation built with an Intel® Xeon™ processor to ensure he can iterate faster without compromising the quality of his mappings.


Want to try it for yourself? Get equipped with the hardware.

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