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As the 3ds Max team, we strive to involve customers in shaping our products in many different ways, from interviews, usability testing, Preview Release testing, the recently added 3ds Max Ideas site, and something new we’re starting called Inside the Factory.

Inside the Factory is when the 3ds Max team invites customers to come to our Montreal office to help us test software currently in development. These events give customers a chance to provide feedback directly to the teams working on new and exciting capabilities. It’s extremely valuable for the teams to hear directly from customers face to face. (Check out this great article from Techvibes of our Montreal office.)

This allows us to test workflows with actual customer data and find possible issues before they are shipped to everyone. They also give us the opportunity to see face to face how the tools are being used, and get key feedback to help drive the direction of the product. These Inside the Factory events are just one part of how we gather feedback throughout the year, but they're probably the ones our team looks forward to the most.

Autodesk 3ds Max Montreal office

Here’s how it works - 

You need to be in the Montreal area or be able to provide your own travel here. Next - if you haven't already - sign up for the 3ds Max feedback community or send us an email at saying that you would like to join. Once you're signed up for the feedback community, you could be one of a select few invited to come to our Montreal office to spend 2 days with our 3ds Max team of developers, designers, testers and leadership, and give some of our latest features that are still in development a spin. Bring your computer, files, show us your current workflow, give us feedback, and network with other users like you.

You'll notice there's no date announced here, as we are always looking for customers to participate in these events. When we get enough requests, we'll set up our first one and follow up with those customers. Hope to see you there! 




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| 1 year ago
For a company the size of Autodesk, it probably wouldn't kill you to offer a few paid journeys for those of us that live in other parts of the world! If it wasn't for that, my company would be happy to help.