Introducing 3ds Max 2018 Update 3

By Martin Coven - 28 Sep, 2017 - 3ds Max

Hey 3ds Maxers!

I'm Martin Coven, and I'm a Senior UX Designer on the 3ds Max team.

3ds Max Update 3 is all about you, the community: it includes one of our most highly user-requested features - fluid simulation. This new fluids system lets users create realistic liquid behaviors in 3ds Max. We've also included a full update to the MAXtoA plugin, which gives users additional rendering support for 3ds Max Fluids.

Let's take a closer look.


3ds Max Fluids

Creating fluids directly in 3ds Max has been the most requested feature for Max on the 3ds Max Ideas site. 3ds Max Fluids was designed to get you up and running fast by providing a familiar user experience. Simulate the physical properties of liquids like water, oil, honey, and lava as well as replicate the effect of gravity, collisions with objects, and disruptions by motion fields in order to achieve your desired result.

Fluids are multi-threaded to take advantage of multi-core processors, as background processing keeps you working in your scene without having to wait on the simulation to complete. This has the added benefit of allowing you to create variations to process at the same time.

Read more about 3ds Max Fluids


Motion Field

We've introduced a new Force object called the Motion Field Force, which can be used to affect fluids, particles, and deform meshes at the same time. Compared to legacy 3ds Max Forces which are all independent, Motion Field consolidates elements of turbulence, gravity, and drag to provide a simpler, more streamlined way to add a Force object. This is particularly helpful when used with Fluids, so you can easily create stunning water features using 3ds Max Fluids while using Motion Field to affect objects such as trees to sway in the wind in order to bring additional life to your photo-real environments.

Updates MaxtoA plugin

Finally, the Arnold renderer plugin, MAXtoA, has been updated in this release to provide improved support for 3ds Max Fluids. Users can output .BIF files which can also be used within Autodesk® Maya® software.

Got other features you'd like to request? Be a part of the conversation by visiting the 3ds Max Ideas page. Submit feature requests, vote on existing requests, and discuss with other users at




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Martin Coven | 1 month ago
Hi i-hameed-ewebbers. Whenever updates are available to your account, they will display via the Autodesk Desktop App and on
Kimo Mimo | 1 month ago
hi, please how can i found this update??
Jesmin Sultana | 4 months ago
please please please 3ds Max 2018.3 Update 3 upload and free download. thanks
Edited by sumi3dm 3 months ago
Kannan Prakasam | 4 months ago
Great news!!!!. Waiting for a long time. Yes now its possible
Luiz Eduardo Mihich | 4 months ago
Finnally !!!!!!!! that is all I have to say, waiting on it ,for decades, no exageration. I do hope that this is as powerful as Bifrost, inplemented in Maya.
Edited by emihich 4 months ago
Frank Maltzahn | 4 months ago
Fantastic. The long wait was really worth it: -) Can fluids also be used for flames, smoke, fire? Or will there be another update... Bifrost Aero...? Thank you Autodesk for this wet feature; -)
Changsoo Eun | 4 months ago
Great job! Thanks! Who said that 3dsMax would never get Fluids?
Andrea Böhm | 4 months ago
Just tested Fluids (following the first tutorial) - seems easy to setup with a clear interface. Thanks for this update!
Boris Kulagin | 4 months ago
Cannot find the way to render point clouds by Arnold. From whats new - "Support for point cloud objects." What I do wrong?
Dario Passariello | 4 months ago
Thank you, Thank you, thank you!!!! It's a great news!!!... You are the the team ever! MAX ROCK!
Bobby Parker | 4 months ago
Any bug fixes in this update? I can't run 2018, so I am hoping some bugs are fixed, too.
Edited by Glorybound 4 months ago
Henri888, active 3ds Max subscribers have access to the latest updates. You can install the updates from the Autodesk desktop app or download them from . Here is some documentation on how to do so:
Henri Achten | 4 months ago
Great news thanks for sharing. I have 2018 product version 20.0-, and it is very unstable. If I go to Help/Product Information/Check for Updates, then for Max 2018 I only see 3ds Max 2018 Populate High Resolution Data. Here you mention already Update 3. Where is it possible to get these updates or service packs? Kind regards and thanks in advance for you reply.
Ehsan Sarahian | 4 months ago
Good news! thank you.
Martin Coven | 4 months ago
Thanks for the kind words mak21. Hope you really enjoy the update!
Marcello Pattarin | 4 months ago
This is e very nice news for 3ds max 2018... thank you from my subscription ...