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Last modification: 29 Sep, 2017

A while ago Ishak Suryo L posted a very useful tool that allows you to stack different geometry on top of each other along the Z axis:



You can find Ishak’s original MCG_Stacker tool on ScriptSpot.

I’ve developed my own variation of this tool (download it here) that also works along the X or Y axis. In addition if you don’t provide a “target” node to stack, it clones the base mesh along the given axis.

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In other news if you are going to be at Siggraph come on by to the Autodesk Vision Series talk on Procedural Content Creation by Martin Coven and myself which will be on Tuesday, 11 August at 4:30 PM  Los Angeles Convention Center, Room 408A.

I hope to see you there! 


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| 4 years ago
Same problem here, no matter whether I use a simple box, with or without reset xform or converted to an editable poly, no matter which axis: works only with count = 1. With higher counts (and without offset) the second box is placed out an "outmost" position, following boxes are stacked inbetween and overlapping each other when using higher counts. I'm using the english version of 3ds Max on a German OS if that matters. I've tested stacker with decimal point set to "." in the system settings, but that did not help. On a side note: the constant operator accepts both point and comma as separator - I don't know whether these are interpreted identical. -Andrea
Edited by ZQpuk4tE 4 years ago
| 4 years ago
Hi Eran, I've had our QA try this out, but it works for him. Can you try with different kinds of objects and change the axis? Let me know if that works. Thanks!
Edited by SmsxxDGK 4 years ago
| 4 years ago
This tool looks great! I tried it but for some reason the duplicate instances in a single modifier are not stacked on top of each other (only the first, whe I use count = 1) Am I doing something wrong? I use editable poly objects; I tried changing their pivot points and add xform as in the video but I get similar results. Thanks Eran
Edited by lWVUH9vW 4 years ago
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