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Hi Maxers!

My name is Attila Szabo and I’m a Product Owner on the 3ds Max team. Today, we’re excited to be releasing 3ds Max 2018.4, our fourth update since the release of 3ds Max 2018 in April 2017.


In this update, we’ve focused on improving 3ds Max Fluids, giving you better feedback as well as added presets for certain fluid types, making it easier to add fluid simulations to scenes. We’ve updated the 3ds Max Interactive VR engine with the addition of IES-compliant physical lights and improvements to Level Sync when using Max with V-Ray. 3ds Max Batch has been redesigned to deliver a simpler and more efficient automation experience. And last but not least, there are over 100 fixes focusing on customer-reported issues with viewport, Physical Camera, modeling, UI and 3ds Max Interactive.

Let’s take a closer look -


Improved usability for Max Fluids

3ds Max Fluids has been updated with usability improvements based on your feedback. As the simulation is being run, Max Fluids now displays the frame number, instead of the percentage of completion, as well as other information about the simulation from the output window. Other improvements include the ability to apply UVs to the output mesh, setting an initial simulation state, or removing unwanted time from the simulation.

Fluids Presets

3ds Max 2018.4 now includes fluid presets, making it easier to add fluid simulations to a scene. The included presets consider viscosity from a wide range of common fluid types, from thin liquids like water to thicker liquids like chocolate syrup, honey, and ketchup. Users can also create and save custom settings as presets to more quickly re-use desired fluids in other scenes.

VR engine updates to 3ds Max Interactive

You’ll notice improvements to 3ds Max Interactive, the VR engine added previously in the 3ds Max 2018.1 update.

• A new Physical Light that includes support for IES profiles

• Updated Live Link improves 3ds Max interoperability when using V-Ray

• New environment properties that allow for custom tone mapping post effects

• Updated Texture Manager with usability improvements, making it easier to sort and find textures in a project

Redesigned automation experience

3ds Max Batch has been redesigned to provide a simpler and more effective experience. It is now a true command line productivity tool, with logging and error reporting, it supports user-defined messages in the output, and allows users  to inject data in the automation process from the command line.


Over 100 bug fixes

One of the goals of the accelerated release cycle of 3ds Max is to respond more quickly to user feedback when it comes to bugs and usability issues. 3ds Max 2018.4 includes over 100 fixes, many that were submitted by you, the 3ds Max user community. A few highlights are:

 • Improved selection of Physical Cameras in the viewport

• Faster load time when opening files for referenced assets and network locations

• Fixes for the 3ds Max Interactive Asset Browser, Texture Manager, and the core engine

For a full list of the fixes, please read the 3ds Max 2018.4 release notes.

Be a part of the conversation! Visit the 3ds Max Ideas page, submit feature requests, vote on existing requests, and discuss with other users at


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| 3 years ago
Any news on Max 2018.5 please and will there be a fix for a fairly substantial bug with viewport transparency on certain materials which makes it impossible to texture surfaces etc. Would have hoped a bug like this would have been addressed already or at least seen as a high priority.
| 3 years ago
Ich zahle subscription seit Jahren und habe mein letzten Update auf Version 3ds max 2016 gemacht, die restlichen Versionen kommen mir nicht ins Haus, sie sind der reinste Alptraum. (Renderer weg , Buggs ). Ich werde, so weh es auch tut, auf ein Produkt umsteigen das von einer Firma kommt die mich Respektiert. Vielleicht habe ich meinen Kommentar am falschen Ort gepostet aber ich hoffe irgend ein Autodeskler liest in, bevor ich 2019 mich von Autodesk trenne.
| 3 years ago
3ds Max 2018.4, and all 3ds Max updates are cumulative.
| 3 years ago
3ds Max 2018.4, and all 3ds Max updates are cumulative.
| 3 years ago
Is 3ds Max 2018.4 a cumulative update or does one have to install every previous update?
| 3 years ago
Hi Bobby-Parker, I'm sorry to hear that once of a sudden you are experiencing scaling issues with Max 2018. I would like to direct to our support forum where both our support team and perhaps fellow Max users could try to help you. See: Would you mind posting into this forum your problem, with some details around what if anything changed software or hardware wise on your machine (OS update, graphics card driver update, do you have Windows Display Scaling on, and if yes what percentage is it set to. Thank you, -Attila
| 3 years ago
I was running the 2018.4 update just fine, until today when MAX broke. I rebooted my machine and launched MAX 2018, just to find the 4K scaling issue I was having when MAX 2018 first came out returned. Not only is MAX not scaling, the menus are a mess and MAX can't be used. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
| 3 years ago
Hello essentium, Thank you for reporting this issue. We are already investigating similar reports from other users, and will make sure this is addressed in a timely manner. In the meanwhile, it would help us a lot if you could describe the steps that lead to the loss of hotkey functionality in your case. -Attila
| 3 years ago
In my case update4 makes my 3dsmax unable to work! In editable poly, shortcuts (i.e. extrude, connect edges, bridge etc..) are working or not randomly, sometimes they start to work when I change view, or after change selected elements, or ofter making similar command previously by clicking proper button in command panel.. Enter and esc in caddy controls also work only when they want. So, despite you make some cool new features, update in general is useless (for me). After one day I came back to update3 and all described problems disappeared, and I'm back with old problems ( no preview of corrected perspective in physical camera, when dof is on). Hope you check this issue quickly and release some patch, so I could enjoy all new stuff you included in update4.
| 3 years ago
"One of the goals of the accelerated release cycle of 3ds Max is to respond more quickly to user feedback when it comes to bugs and usability issues."- haha ,I laugh ))) failed in the 2012 version of the CAT POSE MIXER still can not fix (documented feature which SHOULD work but does not work!) what can we say about the stupidest bunch of stocks which for many years not corrected ) what is there to wonder.
Edited by 9N3cU7VM 3 years ago
| 3 years ago
Hi everyone, thank you to all of you who reported problems accessing 3ds Max 2018 Update 4 through Autodesk Desktop App and your Autodesk account. I'm happy to inform you that we have fixed the problem. Please report through the 3ds Max Community Forums ( any issues you see with downloading, installing or running any of the 3ds Max updates. Thank you! -Attila Szabo
| 3 years ago
@alpout1979, There have been extensive fixes in each Update. Update 4 added another 100+. There are still some users having issues with older hardware and many Windows Updates messed with folder/file permissions across all Autodesk apps. I would encourage you to check the public forums as many topics for 2018 stability have been discussed and solved.
| 3 years ago
There are no more Service Packs as individual installers, only Updates that contain features and fixes. You can find those Updates either through the Desktop App or you can download the installer from the Updates & Add-ons section on your account page for the application.
| 3 years ago
@daniel-purwin I followed your instructions, but still I can't found update, it isn't on the list. Is there some limitations for particular users or countries?
| 3 years ago
@mak21 thx, I've found it finally. Apparently you need to login on website, click menu/downloads/updates & service packs (what I did before), but then instead clicking service packs & fixes on the left side (which seems the logical option to choose), you need to click on full product versions on the rights side, current versions (go to your autodesk account) and then pick product updates and FINALLY you get a link to download. Because Logic. I'm wondering what was the thought process behind this.
| 3 years ago
Daniel-purwin you can download manualy one times, from the subscription Account Autodesk the 2018.4 and install it on all your node.
| 3 years ago
Either I'm blind, or the most important part is missing in this blogpost: link to download this patch. Seems like Autodesk's download finder is not working for me either, when I specify that I'm looking for service packs & fixes for max 2018, all I can see is AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018 Object Enabler and 3ds Max 2018 Populate High Resolution Data, no service packs at all. The only way for me to update max is to use Autodesk desktop app, but considering I would need to log in with this app on every render slave that we have, and download it every time before installation, I think I'll pass. Simply 'ain't nobody got time' for that.
Edited by L4t92QcR 3 years ago
| 4 years ago
i ve been usin 3ds max about 15 years and never seen a version that have so much bug such as 2018. even i cant update sp4 too.delete 2018 pls
Edited by Wu2ncOwZ 4 years ago