3ds Max 2020 Revit Update

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Last modification: 18 Apr, 2019

Various improvements have been added to 3ds Max 2020 allow for faster data import, and better organized and easier to manage scenes.

Watch as 3ds Max team member Chico Membreno takes you through the details:




  • Combine By options allows you to combine by material more selectively by choosing:
  • Combine by Revit Category and Revit Material
  • Combine by Revit Family Type and Revit Material
  • Filter dialogue now displays the number of nodes that will be created in the scene’s category or family type.
  • Import Revit 2017, 2018, and 2019 files into 2020 without the need to upgrade
    *Revit Compatibility pack (for each supported version) needs to be installed on your machine for functionality.
  • IES lights imported from Revit are converted more accurately.
  • Daylight System Update; We removed reliance on Mental Ray, resulting in a better translation. We now leverage the physical sun and sky, where the translation is done automatically without interruption.

Bringing your ideas to life

Autodesk is committed to responding quickly to 3ds Max user feedback. That’s why this release includes many of which were submitted by the 3ds Max user community at 3dsmaxfeedback.autodesk.com.

Consult the 3ds Max 2020 Release Notes for further information.
For more details, see  What’s New in 3ds Max and visit the 3ds Max Public Roadmap.

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| 2 years ago
Great video! Is there a link to download the "Revit compatibility Pack" mentioned in the article?