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The TyFlow Decimation Project

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Hi there, my name is Andr
é Salviato from São Paulo, Brazil. I started my CG career in 2007 after graduating from technology in programming and development systems. I specialized in 3D environments and Visual FX, and I am currently a freelancer in archviz, also creating game and cinematic environments.

The Decimation Project

This project started when I decided to give myself a personal challenge: one project per day for 30 days. Everything from the modeling and texturing, to lighting, FX, and rendering: these pieces were all created from scratch. The challenge was to complete 30 projects with completely random ideas.

The Decimation project was project number 26. The software I used for this piece were 3ds Max, V-Ray, TyFlow, ZBrush, Substance Designer and Photoshop.


For this personal project, I decided to get inspiration from Pinterest. I would go on every morning and look for new images that would inspire new ideas. Here are the references I found that inspired my Decimation project.


With the idea in mind, I started by adding a Biped (175cm) to get a sense of size and volume. For this specific project, since there was a big circle in the center, I used the imageCompHelper free script online to better position the camera for the final product.

I then created the scene with several boxes; for the rocky mountains I used ZBrush and then extracted heightmap to use with the displace modifier in 3ds Max.

With displace applied, I then made variations with other modifiers. I worked on the position, rotation, and scale to get the best result. 

For the character, I used a basic model from the MakeHuman software which is free to download. Since the character is positioned where you only see their back, it did not need to be detailed. Simple rigging worked well for this.

TyFlow for Decimation
Creating this effect was very simple, so long as you have the TyFlow plug-in. 

Lighting Set-up
I used a total of 5 lights for the scene and also made them invisible to the camera for a nicer effect.

Fog Set-up

This scene had a total of 5 materials used: ground, mountains, center circle, lines, and background cosmos.

Render Set-up

I saved this as an EXR image and opened it in Photoshop. I then used the plug-in “exr-io”. In this case, I did not use Cryptomatte but it is also a plug-in that could have been used here.


The post-production phase was super simple. I was already very content with the result, so I just added the DOF and the extra FOG, some minor contrast adjustments and a High Pass filter.

Final Image
I am very happy with the final results and proud to have completed my personal challenge for the month!

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To Download the TyFlow plug visit TyFlow Download  

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Really nice artwork!
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