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Flame 2021.1 is here, bringing compositors, colorists, and finishing editors even greater creative flexibility, performance, and integrated finishing refinements. This release contains enhancements to new tools, such as Explorer, to allow you to work faster and increase productivity. Some other highlights include additional Compare functionalities, media format enhancements for Sony Raw and XOCN, as well as new supported formats, such as Avid Uncompressed.


Explorer - Visible in more environments 

You can now view the Explorer panel - a place to save and recall any Timeline FX and grab reference stills in their project – in many more places around Flame, such as in the Timeline, Conform area, Player, and an extended desktop.

Color grades, sizing transforms, Timewarps, or any combination of Timeline FXs, can be recalled in the Timeline environment, Conform area or Batch, BFX, and applied to segments in a timeline, as well as promoted to procedural nodes in a Batch to use as part of more complex compositing work.


Explorer Timeline in Flame 2021.1


Color Refinements in the Effects Tab

Drag and drop Selective

It is now possible for you to control the behavior of a saved Selective when dragged onto a new shot. Upon dragging and dropping, you can either choose to:

Replace all – which will overwrite the existing Selective with the Selective dropped onto it

Replace – choose Selective vs Matchboxes - which lets you overwrite key shapes and tracking, while preserving all color and FX, and vice versa

Append the entire Selective to the next available ID – which leaves the existing Selective on the shot intact and adds recalled work on top


Explorer Selective ID Dialogue in Flame 2021.1


Multi-add group

When working with groups of shots, you can now add multiple shots to an existing group.


Compare Modes

Building on the existing ability to compare with references and context nodes, Flame 2021.1 adds usability, hotkey standardization, and new modes to the Compare functionality.

A new side by side Compare view has been added to the Effects Tab, Timeline, Conform and Batch. You can now compare selected tracks stacked in a timeline or put any still reference side by side with the current result.


Side by Side Compare Timeline in Flame 2021.1

Side by Side Compare Player in Flame 2021.1


Media Format Enhancements 

With this release, the following media format enhancements were made:

Sony GPU Import. Raw & XOCN

This release increases performance for Sony Raw and XOCN camera original source media through GPU acceleration, dramatically increasing real-time performance.

Import: Avid Uncompressed (DNxHR). Export: DNxHR .mxf

Update 1 also adds support for reading Avid Uncompressed – in DNxHR MXF format - a popular high-quality interop choice for long form projects.

Red SDK 7.3.1

Red SDK 7.3.1 is supported in the Flame family products v2021.1.

Pulse Audio Support

Meeting new work from home needs , Pulse system audio strengthens remote connection workflows and acts as an alternative to ALSA.

Flame feedback and other enhancements 

Keeping up with client feedback, this release of Flame family products focuses on small standardization options, such as matching the behavior of compare modes between the different Flame environments. Hotkeys have also been added for fast ergonomic usability.


Check out the new features in Flame 2021.1 by logging into your Autodesk Account and downloading the latest release. If you are not yet a subscriber, make sure to check out our 30-day free trial of Flame 2021.1.

Note: It may take up to 3 business days for this release to show up in your Autodesk Account.


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