Bifrost: Compare Geometries Compound

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Last modification: 15 Nov, 2019

In this video I'll explain the use of the "compareGeometry" compound in Maya 2019 with Bifrost 2.0.
The compound node takes two geometries as inputs and outputs a colored geometry that show where the two inputs are different. This works in realtime for geometries up to 300k polygons.

You can download the compound from the "Downloads" section here on The AREA.


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| 1 year ago
HiGuiseppe, maybe the Bifrost Editor window is off screen. Please check the list of open windows by typing ‘lsUI -windows’ in the command line and then check the script editor for the result.
Hi, I'm using Maya 2020 on a Mac, everything works great, the only thing is that I'm not able to get Bifrost Graph Editor started. Whem I click on it in Windows/Bifrost......, nothing happen. I also check in plugin preferences and it's activated. Really don't know what'happen. Any suggest? Thanks in advance!
| 1 year ago
Why Autodesk is not developed a good destruction system like houdini or something like pulldownit . Maya is all best but in destruction we have to be used pdi for breakdown or something else..