Bifrost: Strands, Instancing and Visual Programming

By - - Arnold , Maya
19 mins
Last modification: 24 Sep, 2019

This presentation was recorded at SIGGRAPH 2019 as part of Autodesk's Vision Series.

Jonah Friedman, Bifrost Product Owner, walks us through how he created the procedurally-generated, instanced strands in his cable car animation with Bifrost in Maya.

He discusses using flowlines as an artistic tool, animating the strands, and explores Bifrost's render-time procedural with Arnold.

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| 3 months ago
As far as I'm concerned, I understand the logic behind the scene (in fact I've used very similar techniques to do something similar in Houdini), but without a more in depth look, perhaps a tutorial on certain parts, this is not really that useful for new users, as many of the nodes mentioned are still very foreign. A scene file would indeed solve a lot of those problems.
| 3 months ago
Not the greatest how to as the steps for initialising the volume scope wasn't really covered, but neat setup and strands in maya sounds really promising...
Edited by RIGX9xO3 3 months ago
| 4 months ago
This looks really neat... What do I need to learn in order to actually understand what all you're talking about here? I've been interested in learning how to animate, and am taking some classes. But there is a lot of content I do not quite understand in this video (yet). Any good books/references?
| 4 months ago
+1 Also want to download scene file
| 4 months ago
Is this scene file available to download? Thanks.
| 5 months ago
Obviously there are some fantastic possibilities and cant wait to see some amazing artwork coming our way with the new Bifrost. But i have to say getting your head around using it is a brain melting experience, good luck everyone!
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