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Coming Soon: Common USD Plug-in for Maya

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As SIGGRAPH 2019 gets underway this week, we’re excited to announce that we’ve joined forces with Animal Logic, Luma Pictures, and Pixar Animation Studios to integrate all the Maya Universal Scene Description (USD) projects into a common USD integration in Maya.

As part of our continued efforts to support and accelerate the adoption of open standards, we’re taking responsibility for the plugin formerly hosted by our friends above, which will be fully open-source and used as a baseline going forward. Our ultimate goal is to ensure a consistent yet modifiable way to use USD within Maya.  

We had a chance to chat about the news with Animal Logic Head of Production Technology Aidan Sarsfield, who shared, “Integrating the USD plugin into Maya is a testament to Autodesk’s commitment to open-source and will benefit the larger industry, allowing every Maya user to embrace USD as a scene description format. USD will only grow stronger with further development on Maya’s UFE architecture.” 

Want to learn more? Both Pixar and Animal Logic will join us for a Vision Series session tomorrow, Wednesday, July 31, where we’ll talk more about the plugin, partnership and USD workflows in Maya. If you’re at SIGGRAPH, join the session tomorrow in room 404A/404B.

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| 1 month ago
It seems like the created a GitHub project for this:
| 2 months ago
When you say soon, does it mean this year? Since everyone knows that 'soon' for Autodesk is a relative meaning, anyway as far as i know source codes from Al, Luma and Pixar are on the github and free for compiling, and think it was the AD's job to do the support it in Maya. But since we all know that implementation of AD's alembic was terrible maybe its good thing to ask professionals (Al, Luma, Pixar) for advice, or finished solution, and just add into maya...
Edited by 3VK5or8h 2 months ago
| 2 months ago
need travis-ci or appveyor
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