Creating a sphere with uniform triangle size

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NOTE: check out the more recent post on this subject. The default poly sphere primitives in Maya have poles at the top and bottom. There is a simple technique to create a sphere with uniform distribution of triangles with no poles. This is especially useful for dynamics applications, such as with nCloth. 1. MENU "Create: Polygon Primitives: Platonic Solids" In the options set the platonic type to "octahedron". 2. MENU "Mesh: Smooth" Then increase the subdivision levels on the polySmoothFace node

There is also a second method to get pretty much the same topology: 1. MENU "Create: Subdiv Primitives: Sphere" 2. MENU "Modify: Convert: Subdiv to Poly" Then on the subdivToPoly node increase the depth attribute. Note that to create the image above, I assigned a toon line line to the spheres then on the pfxToonShape turned off profileLines and under Crease Lines turned off "Hard Creases Only", setting the crease angle min/max both to zero. This is a simple way of rendering all poly mesh edges as lines.

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| 12 years ago
Note that the link for the more recent "post" above no longer works. Check out: (unfortunately I can't edit very old posts as they were done with a different system than the new area)
| 12 years ago
You can do that with a simple poly cube and a mesh smooth too... But, the results of these are not satisfactory in terms of having a perfect rounded sphere, as you can have in a nurbs sphere, for example... (We apreciate so much your - Duncan - efforts of making a better Maya, and better heads in front of it, thanks!!)
Hi Duncan, Thanks so much for your clever tip on how to render out poly mesh edges. A few years ago, I had to purchase a completely separate plugin just to accomplish this for a particular look a project was going for. Best, Jacques