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"Charlie Brown Christmas Tree" using Maya and MASH.

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Like a lot of people I watched the TV show A Charlie Brown Christmas every year around the holidays.  If you grew up reading the Peanuts comic strip the show was a must watch.  The music hits all the right nostalgic notes this time of year.  If one were pressed to pick one memorable bit from the show it would be hard to overlook the "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree".  It represented the bottom of the barrell for the Charlie Brown and is the inspiration for the video post.  I was surprised to learn some of the details about not only the tree but the rest of the show.  According to Wikipedia, the show has aired every year since 1965 and wasn't supposed to be a success.  


A couple of other fun facts from the page:

The total budget was $96,000

The episode all but killed off the aluminum Christmas tree.

The "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree" has lived on to this day and is now available as a replica.

Turns out it makes a decent MASH example too.  Happy Holidays everyone.

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