Ink in water using maya fluids

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Here are a couple of example Maya files that show using Maya Fluids to handle ink in water. Generally speaking one simply creates a very high resolution fluid with "high detail solve" enabled, self shadowing on the fluid and very low transparency. The buoyancy should be negative instead of positive so that the ink flows down. The transparency should also be colored to partically match the fluid color, particularily if the background is light colored. The second file was done in an attempt to help a user who had a seal bleeding as it swam. This was close to his reference, but real blood I'm guessing would be near black in this lighting condition.

editPfxOnPolyPath.mel parentToSurface.mel dynamicFollow.mel cameraFollow.mel confettiFall.mb oakBigLeaf.mel + oakBigLeaf.mel.icon bark.iff basicLeafHC.jpg birchBark.gif grassRoad.jpg leafSerrate.tif WhiteBark.tif sideleaf.rgb nClothVertexEditor.mel
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Hi. Links are broken. Is it posible to get this maya files again?
Please where can I find a tutorial that shows how to do the blue droplets
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| 7 years ago
I'm having problem with download the files. They are really helpful to me. Please fix them. Many thanks!
Edited by 9PhqSXI5 7 years ago
| 7 years ago
Same here trying to download the files but can't.
Edited by 9oojahS5 7 years ago
| 7 years ago
Cant download the files. Is there any other location to get the example ?
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| 9 years ago
I don't but you can simply download and look at the settings on the fluid in the file "" above. Duncan
| 9 years ago
Hey Duncan, Im Sam, Im doing Ink in water effects in Maya, do you have any step by step tutorial for the 1st clip? My email
| 11 years ago
Hey Duncan, I used your orangeDye scene as a starting point for an effect we're working on and i need it to move faster from point A to B. When I do so, the fluid appears broken up in ball-type plumes. Is there a substep type attribute i'm missing or another method for fixing this? thanks in advance
hi duncan, my name is david, I´m a maya user and in this moment i´m doing my thesis and Ireally need a tutorial about how to do this kind of thing. please help me!!!! thank you very much and sorry for my english. my email is bye.
| 11 years ago
Hey duncan, Why is there a N-cloth object in the scene? cheers, Vincent
| 11 years ago
Hi, is it possible for a polygon with a complex texture, to emit its color as an fluid emitter? Like a paint sinking on the water and losing its paint. How can I do that ? Thanks, Rodolfo.
| 11 years ago
Hi Duncan, That looks great! i want to learn how to do the seal bleadin (the second video) please do you have any tutorial. My mail is I am working on a short, if you can send me a link or anything to learn how to do it that will be great! Thnx!!!
| 11 years ago
Hi Duncan, I'm a Animation student from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and I'm working on an animation with Maya fluids. I found these project files very useful for my research but the project files are very slow to work with, could you tell me how to speed them up? the render is not that slow and if i turn of the fluid display options and stuff it is still slow, please help me. if you could mail me at Vincent that would be great. thnx for your great tutorials and project files. there a great help for my research on 3D animation. Thnx! Vincent Lammers
| 12 years ago
Hi Duncan. The orange dye flowing through the water is cool. How did you create the motion field? I do not see your fluid container. Also I thought the fluid contain renders the fluids surrounding the object's mass. Your example renders like a fluid is emitting/ bleeding from the sphere.
| 12 years ago
Hey Duncan, the quicktime movies aren't loading. Can you double check they're ok?
| 12 years ago
Duncan this looks Awesome! looks a lot easier than the filling/shooting/cleaning repeat of a real water tank effect. is there somewhere to send you a personal message? no big deal, just a personal thank you. your name isn't listed in members. jeff
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