Maya + Arnold Demo Series

By Steven Roselle - 11 Oct, 2017 - Arnold , Maya

Hi Mayans -

It has been a busy couple of months since the release of Maya 2018.  I've been on the road, going to conferences and visiting studios, with stops in LA, Montreal, Salt Lake and Minneapolis.  In the time in-between, I decided to record a series of Arnold demos for Maya 2018, where I'll be covering a range of topics.  This is meant to be a primer of sorts for those of you that have been using Maya but are somewhat new to Arnold. 

Check out part 1 and 2 of a muli-part series of Maya + Arnold demos. Part 1 covers lighting basics. Scroll down for Part 2 which covers shader basics.  More to come so stay tuned...

Maya + Arnold Part 1 - Lighting Basics 


Maya + Arnold Part 2 - Shader Basics







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YEREVAN | 2 months ago
why the working file is not provided to followup with the instructor ?
Edited by YEREVAN 2 months ago