Maya in Motion Demo Series

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Last modification: 17 Oct, 2019

While Maya offers the most comprehensive, off the shelf, toolset for creating and editing complex motion, that power can sometimes seem complex in and of itself. In the "Maya in Motion" demo series we'll explore a range of tools and workflows for creating and editing different types of motion in Maya including:

  • General animation editing tools such as the Graph Editor, Time Editor and Camera Sequencer
  • The Motion Graphics Toolset including MASH instancing and Type animation
  • Advanced dynamic systems such as Nucleus nCloth, Bifrost fluids and Bullet physics

Part 1 - Intro and Overview

Part 2 - Mash with Bullet Physics

Part 3 - Baking and Re-timing


Part 4 - Nucleus and nCloth

Part 5 - Bifrost Fluids and Arnold

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