Maya 2011 Highlight - Assets updates and improvements (Part 1)

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For those of you that follow my blog regularly, you may have noticed that it's been a while since I last posted. I was actually on a sabbatical from work and doing my best to do activities that...

A. Did not involve sitting in front of computer  -and-   B. Did not involve sitting on a plane.

Instead, I spent several weeks doing manual labor :) working on an old 1957 Chevy truck with my Dad, that once belonged to my Great Grandfather. I didn't quite finish (it's a long term project) but I did make a lot of progress.  This is what it looked like when we started...

And this is what it looks like now...

Clearly not done... but getting there :)

But alas it is now time to get back to the real world and my real job. I've put together a long overdue demo covering the various Maya2011 updates to the Assets toolset. This is part 1 and part 2 will follow soon.


 Quick plug... thank you A2M - Artificial Mind and Movement, for providing the content from their hit game Wet for this demo.  Also thanks to my co-worker Craig Barr for help in setting up thedemo file.

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| 9 years ago
T.I.Burbage - No problem. It's great to get some dialogue going about this kind of stuff. There are a few examples of game editors built on top of Maya. In addition to the Ready at Dawn stuff, another that I was very impressed with when I got a demo of it a while back was BluePoint -> I've looked around for some online demos but can't find any. If anyone knows of others please post. The one commonality that I see with editors running in/on Maya is that a customized referencing system is generally written to better deal with the "team collaboration" aspect. Another is that the drawing of meshes in Maya is often hijacked for performance reasons. For level/env assembly and editing, a static mesh is all that is required. Rather than let Maya create meshes with all of the dependency and editability that comes with it, it is often more efficient to use custom shapes and locators to draw static representations of objects. Game developers are already doing this on the engine side, so it is not that big of a leap for them to do it in Maya as well. -sr
| 9 years ago
<sfxmarc wrote> The main issue is using Maya as your main asset manager and toolset is that it doesnt work well in a big-team situation where many people need to work on the same level at the same time. I'm not sure how SE get around that problem. It would be great to know though. That would be interesting because you are right -- a level would boil down to a scene and while multiple people could be contributing referenced assets to a single scene, I don't know how you would manage the version control/merge part for the level scene itself... Anyway, Steven, didn't mean to take your post off on a different vector. Look forward to your other insights on Assets.
| 9 years ago
Ready at Dawn is another example of a game environment set up in Maya:
| 9 years ago
nice stuff Steven, You're truck looks great! (btw... we're Behaviour now!) :) T.I. - yes, it is possible, we were debating going in that direction for a while, but opted out for various reason (mostly unrelated to Maya). We do almost everything in Maya though, but we assemble our assets and add most of the logic in our in-house toolset afterwards. Square Enix takes it a step farther. They have a custom viewport that renders with their game engine (from what I've read anyway). We have something similar but not to the extent they have. The main issue is using Maya as your main asset manager and toolset is that it doesnt work well in a big-team situation where many people need to work on the same level at the same time. I'm not sure how SE get around that problem. It would be great to know though.
| 9 years ago
Congrats on the sabbatical, and having the good sense to get away from the computer for a while... I'm very interested in learning how professional game pipelines are incorporating Assets into their pipelines. Maybe as a follow-on at some point you could comment on if/how they are using attribute publishing as well. Also, this may be a topic well beyond the level of what you normally address in your blog posts, but I've often wondered whether it would be possible to build a game development pipeline around Maya such that you could both create not just assets to export, but complete levels in Maya, and then be able to press a "play" button and be able to go into the level in real-time. I realize a lot has to happen behind the scenes for that to happen, and that the backend would have to be engine specific (UDK, Unity, C4, etc.). Does the Maya team think about this and what might be done on the Maya side to make this easier to create? Having used some engine level tools, I personally would love to just do everything content-centric right in Maya...
| 9 years ago
i second the orbit tool
| 9 years ago
Orbit is what I use (fairly popular), I have a nice little collection from this site now :)
| 9 years ago
Firefox has a plugin called DownloadHelper that lets you download and save embedded movies to a file. There are other options but that's what I use.
| 9 years ago
nice tool , thanks for the efforts in making it . how can l download that video you made ? as there are tons of tools in any 3d package it is really hard to remember them . Thanks again
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