Maya <-> Mudbox workflow demo (part2: Hi-Res Modeling) AGDC recap.

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Well Austin GDC last week was a success.  The show floor was pretty active and there was a lot of interest in the stuff we were showing (Maya, Max, Soft, Mudbox, MotionBuilder, HIK, Kynapse, etc...)  Attendance this year was on par with last year (3000+) which set a record then.  So hopefully that's a good sign for the industry.  We stayed busy anyway.  Unfortunately I didn't have any free time to go to any of the other sessions besides my own of course.

On a side note... several of my coworkers were in town for the conference from all over North America.  They wanted a taste of some authentic Texas BBQ.  So rather than take them to one of the default Austin locales (Sorry County Line and Salt Lick, you're both just average at best) I decided to take them to a place that truly has the best (Texas style) BBQ in the world -> Lockhart, TX.  Now there are about a half dozen places in Lockhart that are good... really good.  But Kreuz Market was the only one open late and it is a personal fav of mine anyway.  As usual it was amazing and my friends were in awe of the spread of meat that lay before them...

OK... so the picture doesn't quite do it justice...  but it was good...  damn good.  But I digress... 

Back to Modeling!  The demo movie below is the second in a series that I put together based on a Frankenstein character that I modeled.  If you havn't seen Part 1 you might want to check out that post first ->  Maya Mudbox Part 1

 This second part mostly focuses on the sculpting tools and the layer system in Mudbox.  Towards the end though I do get back into Maya and talk about how you can use an LOD from Mudbox as a reference for adding secondary objects in Maya.  I also show a quick example of how you can use LayoutTools2010 for the general placement and alignment of those objects.


Autodesk Media and Entertainment Virtual Conference:  We are hosting a virtual conference on Sept 30th where we'll be showing demos of all of the new releases of our enterainment products (Maya, Max, Soft, MBr, MBx, etc...)  We'll also have a live chat session where you can ask questions. 

Register here ->  M&E Virtual Conference



Part 3 has now been posted here...  MayaMudbox Part3

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| 10 years ago
Part 3 has now been posted....
Edited by XRJvVZHQ 10 years ago
| 10 years ago
Thanks for the feeback. The next couple of videos will cover texture painting, texture map extraction, as well as PSD and FBX export/import. In the final demo I show normal, spec and AO maps on the lowres mesh and rendered in the HQ viewport in Maya, but I will try to record an extra snippet showing rendering of displacement as well.
| 10 years ago
be sweat to have a video showing export of the displacement map and rendering displacement in Maya.
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