Maya <-> Mudbox workflow demo (part3: Texture Painting) ......and Happy Belated Halloween!!

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I had every intention of posting this last week (pre-Halloween) but it was a crazy week.  The car broke down, the foundation work on the house was delayed - again, sump pump died, flu shots, allergy shots, conference calls, expense reports...  Oh, woe is me.

On the bright side...  the week ended with Halloween which is just about my favorite holiday.  As I said, we're having major foundation work done on the house so we had huge piles of dirt all around the yard that I just had to take advantage of...


The costumes this year also turned out well but you'll have to wait till December to see them because we have a tradition of incorporating them into the holiday cards.  I also usually try to add a little 3D element as well so I guess that makes it quasi-relevant at least :)

Speaking of quasi-relevant...  let's texture Frankenstein!  This next movie actually doesn't show any Maya so if you're not interested in Mudbox and/or Frankenstein in general you can skip it and you'll only hurt my feelings a little bit.  Otherwise, if you have not seen Part1 or Part2 and are interested you can check those out here...

MayaMudbox Part1

MayaMudbox Part2

The next post which will be the last part in the series will cover more interop between Mudbox and Maya as well as Photoshop.  But first we have to actually create some textures before we can get back to Maya, so for this part I'll talk about texture painting tools and techniques in Mudbox. 




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| 9 years ago
Why thanks LDS... Flattery will get you everywhere ;) Here is the last part...
| 9 years ago
I'm in love with your tutorials -- you are a great teacher! I hope you get your last installment in this series up soon!!
| 9 years ago
Very well presented. Thanks
| 9 years ago
great tutorial!! thanks very much!
| 10 years ago
Is the new video coming out soon? Thanks
| 10 years ago
wow cool stuff :P i like the way you used the pile of dirt :P
| 10 years ago
Great video! Looking forward to next installment.
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