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Howdy Maya-ites -

You've probably heard about Maya LT by now.  If not here's the spiel...  (or would that be schpiel?)

"Maya LT is a 3D modeling and animation software tool designed for indie and mobile game developers. Based on the award-winning Autodesk® Maya® software, Maya LT offers users a familiar UI and workflow at an affordable price, making it ideal for game artists of various skill levels"

Here is a link to the Maya LT commnity page where you can learn more about it ->  Maya LT

Maya LT is for the most part a streamlined subset of what I call Maya-proper.  However even if you're a Maya-proper user, there is something new (and super cool) in Maya LT that you might want to check out.  Below I've put together a short overview movie covering ShaderFX.   ShaderFX is a game shader authoring system in Maya LT providing a simple node based UI for building complex shader effects and ultimately exporting to a number of hardware shader formats including HLSL, CgFX and GLSL.

MayaLT - ShaderFX Overview

This should give a a pretty good high level overview of what ShaderFX is and how it works.  My colleague Matthew Doyle recorded movie that goes into a bit more depth and shows you how to create a shader from scratch. 

Check out Matthew's blog post here ->  MayaLT - ShaderFX Tutorial

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