Bifrost: Modular FX Framework

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Last modification: 24 Sep, 2019

This presentation was recorded at SIGGRAPH 2019 as part of Autodesk's Vision Series.

Marcus Nordenstam, Senior Bifrost Product Manager, introduces Bifrost Episode 1 - the Bifrost Extension for Maya, supported by versions of Maya 2018 and up.


In this first presentation, Jixie Effects Co-founders Joseph Teran and Theodore Gast walk us through MPM Simulation with Bifrost to create simulations such as snow.

Jonah Friedman, Bifrost Product Owner at Autodesk, gives us a peek of Bifrost's  Strands, Instancing, and Visual Programming.

We then get a look at Bifrost in a Production Environment with a talk by Todd Akita, FX Supervisor at The Mill, followed up by Vince Baertsoen, Creative Director/VFX Supervisor.



In this second presentation, Robert Bridson, Senior Principal Research Scientist at Autodesk, kicks it off with a look at Bifrost Aero and Combustion.


Aero Solver made in Maya with Bifrost


We get a glimpse of user-controlled adaptivity, as Kosta Stamatelos, Bifrost FX Product Owner at Autodesk, shows us Adaptive Simulation in Bifrost.

Morten Bojsen-Hansen, Principal Simulation Developer at Autodesk, gives us a deep dive on Physics-based Combustion in Bifrost.

Finally, Duncan Brinsmead, Software Architect at Autodesk, wraps it up with a demo of the Art and Science behind Bifrost.




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