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UPDATE:  Rigging Mentor has been renamed to Rigging Dojo  ->

Check out my new post for an updated movie that explains what Rigging Dojo is all about...



Well I'm back in Austin where I'll hopefully stay at least through the holidays.  Seattle and Vancouver were fun but it's good to be back home.   While I was away there was an exciting announcement about a great new online resource called -> Rigging Mentor (now Rigging Dojo).  My good friend Brad Clark has teamed up with industry experts Josh Carey and Chad Moore to start a new online school that focuses on customized training for character rigging in Maya and Motion Builder.

I've know all three of these guys for a while, but Brad in particular I've known for quite some time.  He's a fellow Austinite who has been around the proverbial 3D block a few times.  Over the years he's worked at Weta, Disney and Acclaim (just to name a few) and he's co-written a Maya focused character rigging book called -> Inspired 3D Advanced Rigging and Deformations.  Brad has also been instrumental in working with the Maya and Motion Builder dev teams to advance and refine the animation tools in both apps.  He's educated me a lot along the way about rigging techniques and concepts but he's also taught me the basics of rock climbing :)  Unfortunately we've both been slacking on that front lately as neither one of us seem to have much free time these days :( 

WARNING:  This will happen to you if you spend all of your time working on your Maya rigs and no time working on your own personal rig.


But seriously folks...  Rigging Dojo in my opinion is filling a badly needed hole in the industry.  Learning the ins and outs of character rigging can be a somewhat daunting task, so having battle tested industry experts at your disposal is invaluable.   Brad and company were nice enough to provide me with a sample movie that should give you a pretty good idea of what Rigging Mentor is all about.  "The new video just for the Area has Brad talking a bit about the school while showing off some quick rig demo clips and for the first time ever a glimpse at the social learning network students use when taking classes. "

Check out  ->   

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| 10 years ago
Steven -- Glad to see you highlighting Brad, Chad, & Josh -- and Rigging Mentor! It's a really great idea, and greatly needed. In a recent interview with Popular Mechanics, James Cameron states emphatically that Rigging was vital to film production on Avatar. I've known Brad and Chad for more than 10 years (since our days as Lab Instructors at Full Sail), and I've been impressed with their success, and especially with their willingness to teach. They've given (Alias) masterClasses, written a book, released a DVD, and spoken at events. What's more important is that these guys, even after all this time, are really enthusiastic about rigging, figuring out new solutions. Hopefully, we'll hear a ton more about rigging!
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