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Last modification: 8 Apr, 2019

Awarded to Andy Milkis

This year marks the first NAB since the sad passing of Jeff Heusser co-founder of fxguide with Mike Seymour and John Montgomery.

Throughout Jeff's career, he was always someone who was willing to help other artists out and share his knowledge. This was evident in the early days of Flame via the Flame-news mailing list. He was always quick to chime in when someone posted a question, as he felt strongly about helping the worldwide community of Flame artists.

fxguide, which was founded in 1999 actually started out primarily as a Flame tips and tricks site. Jeff even came up with the name for the site. It was a place to share knowledge with other artists and build the community. The site has grown since then to cover the vfx industry in general, but its roots are squarely in the Flame community.

Jeff's aim to support the community of artists was a constant, including his recent push to publicize labor issues in the visual effects world. Again, he wanted to help make vfx artists' lives better by having an open discussion of the issues the industry faces. 

Jeff was just about the most selfless guy you could meet -- he was always "all-in" to give back to his friends in the industry. 

In memory of Jeff, Autodesk with the approval of the Flame Award judges and John, Mike and his family have created an Award in Memorial for contribution to the Flame Community.

The Flame artist that will receive this award is Andy Milkis.

Andy founded the New York Logik Group, tirelessly organises and promotes One Frame of White, always puts other artists before himself and is there to pull people upwards and onwards. With his radiant smile from ear to ear and laugh, Andy emanates all of the values Jeff held so dear.


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