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Catch up with 3ds Max: Live Webinar

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Last modification: 14 Jun, 2021

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Catch up with 3ds Max: Maximize your creative potential with accelerated workflows

Listen in on our anticipated 3ds Max Live Webinar taking place on Monday, June 28th from 2:00-4:30 PM ET — 11:00 AM-1:30 PM PT. Three of our 3ds Max team experts will dive into how you can utilize our tools to facilitate your needs: by maximizing your creative potential with accelerated workflows. Our 3ds Max Senior Product Owner, Bruno Landry, will open the session followed by Product Owners Logan Foster and Shawn Olson. They will take a closer look at how the latest modeling tools in 3ds Max, like Retopology and Smart Extrude, allows artists to create faster and more efficiently. Plus, they will cover updates on the integration of USD in 3ds Max.

Before jumping into the Q&A session, we will also have a special guest, Thomas Berg, joining us to walk us through a VFX case study of his work on Olav, a Norwegian Viking documentary.


Collage of Thomas Berg, a VFX Generalist and screenshots of his renders used for his Norwegian Viking documentary, Olav.


Berg is a 3D and VFX Generalist based in Norway and has recently shared a VFX breakdown of his process on Olav. Rumour has it he worked on over 40 shots for this Norwegian Viking documentary, used 4 render nodes and achieved all of this as a one-man-show. We’re excited to have him present and answer any questions you may have. Take a quick look at his impressive Olav VFX breakdown showreel below!




Introduction Bruno Landry, Sr. Product Owner ADSK

Modeling Workflows Logan Foster, Product Owner ADSK

USD Updates Shawn Olson, Product Owner ADSK

VFX Case Study: Olav Documentary Thomas Berg, VFX Generalist




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