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The Tomorrow Contest Challenge 2021 – The First Settlement

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Last modification: 2 Jun, 2021

Image of a landscape resembling the terrain of planet Mars, where there are various sand dunes, with a yellow sky. The image includes the words "Tomorrow Challenge" in the center with the D2 Conferences and Autodesk logos at the bottom corners.


The Tomorrow Challenge is a contest hosted by D2 Digital Design Conferences presented by Autodesk. Every year, D2 Conferences gathers architectural visualization artists, advertising agencies, software companies and visualization studios around the world in Vienna, Austria. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s conference will take place virtually. D2 Conferences have created contests every month and for June, “The Tomorrow Challenge 2021 – The First Settlement” calls participants to visualize and design their version of planet Mars.



The Mission?

You are part of a crew that just landed on Mars. The objective is not only to survive, but to build a new home where people can thrive. The environment is far more extreme than anything on earth and requires innovative ideas. We challenge you to create a habitat on Mars where the new chapter of humankind will be written. All the necessary infrastructure and functions in order to be self-sustaining must be included: transportation, living quarters, energy sources, farming, etc.


What Can You Win?

Autodesk is a proud main partner for the Tomorrow Challenge, offering a one-year 3ds Max subscription to the top three contest winners, which will be chosen by a jury during a live show on the D2 Conferences YouTube channel. Other great prizes also await the top three finalists from other sponsors such as Maxon, Humano, Pulze, Evermotion, Depositphotos, and Sini Software.


Submission deadline is June 15th 2021.


Visit the Tomorrow Challenge website for more info, full prize list, and how to enter here

Learn more about the D2 Digital Design Conferences here.


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| 13 days ago
This is a great contest mostly gather's experts and enthusiast. Keep up with this.