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Webinar: Arnold 5 with Frederic Servant

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53 mins
Last modification: 7 Mar, 2018

Get caught up with this feature-filled webinar where Arnold Development Manager, Frederic Servant, talks about the major release Arnold 5. He covers new features, performance improvements, workflow simplifications, and the deep internal re-design to pave the way for future developments. (Broadcast and recorded December 2017)

Within this webinar Frederic presents...

- The latest developments to reduce noise
- The latest updates on the new shaders up to Arnold
- Sneak peeks to upcoming developments

Arnold is a flexible rendering solution that helps VFX, animation, film & TV, and game studios quickly and reliably produce visually stunning images, enabling artists to spend less time adjusting scene settings and more time iterating on their creative work.

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| 1 year ago
It took me sometime to get used to the new shaders and overall setup, But once I did it is worth the time. The new SSS shader algorithm is much more realistic, the volume controls within transparency are more realistic, the metalness property adds depth to the ways you can layer complex metallic materials, and now I can add lights without a huge hit to render time. Very impressed with Arnold
| 1 year ago
Hi, what about GPU rendering?
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