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Welcome to AREA Customer Stories where we talk to some of the most talented artists and studios in the industry about creativity, innovation and overcoming challenges.

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Tangram 3DS: What we now know about VR and design visualization

Guest point of view from Stefan Vittori, founder and CEO of Tangram 3DS, an internationally-recognized 3D visualization and digital design studio specializing in comprehensive design solutions for the AEC, interior design, maritime and real estate industries.

From static pages to moving frames: "Zombillenium"

French animation studio, 2 Minutes on the challenges of bringing the popular European graphic novel, "Zombilennium" to the big screen.

GameDev Ep. 45 - RealtimeUK's Game Cinematics with Chris Scubli

Matthew chats with Chris Scubli of RealtimeUK about his day to day as a cinematics finishing artist.

Wakes, crowds, and destruction: Game of Thrones Season 7

Mackevision share what it was like working on the latest season of the HBO series, walking us through their use of Shotgun, 3ds Max, and for the first time, Maya, to achieve their extraordinary results.

VR Magic and Horror in Left-Hand Path

Left-Hand Path is the VR RPG game you’ve been waiting for, that is, if you’re brave enough… Heavily inspired by the Dark Souls series, Left-Hand Path places you in a fantastic landscape leaving you to fight terrifying (and difficult!) monsters while learning magic. We caught up with Hugh Hancock to get behind the scenes of this horrifying VR experience.

Our hardest "Gotham" shot ever

Our hardest shot so far in "Gotham" was the final shot in the final episode of Season Three. It's the first time we see Bruce Wayne go into Batman mode -- and we're pretty sure it's the one that earned us the Emmy!

ILM on "Kong: Skull Island" Part 2 of 2

ILM's Scott Benza and Jeff White on the massive challenges of creating the many creatures in "Kong: Skull Island."

GameDev Ep. 44 - Augmented Reality with Abhishek Singh

This week, we talk with Abhishek Singh, an inventor and creator with many talents. Abhishek provides details on how he created the AR game Super Mario Bros. with Unity and the Microsoft Hololens, along with Autodesk’s Fusion 360.

Project CARS

We talked with the folks at Slightly Mad Studios and came across these exciting gems on the development of Project CARS.

Ready to make anything

From meticulously creating 1920's New York streets and satellites in space, to graphically depicting matters of the heart and humorous matters of the body, The Molecule is ready to make anything.