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Marcus Büttner of The Subdivision

January 2018 Artist of the Month

Hi, my name is Marcus Büttner. I work at The Subdivision, a small 3D-Visualization studio which I founded together with my wife Kim two years ago here in Berlin. Basically, my wife and I are the only two employees here ;-)  We work primarily on ArchViz and Product-Visualization or a combination of both. 

Before The Subdivision, I studied communication design with a focus on photography and illustration which helped me a lot, later in my 3D work.  After college, I worked a short time as a photographer and illustrator until I remembered that I had once played with 3D Studio MAX 1.0 15 years earlier.  At that time, the possibility to create 3D objects with a PC was amazing for me, although it wasn’t much more than boxes…

I always loved the idea of creating your own worlds and doing whatever you want. So, I decided to look at 3D again. I absorbed every tutorial I found and experimented a lot with different disciplines like modeling, rigging, animation and so on.  Since I had a strong photography background, I liked the idea of presenting things in the right light. So, I got my first professional job: a concept rendering of a blindman’s stick.

It was during this time that I developed a strong interest for architecture, and with photography, 3D and architecture as my main interests it was logical for me to do ArchViz.

When I met my wife she was quite interested in what I do.  She asked if she can play around with 3ds Max.  A few tea pots later she decided that this could really fit her as well. I tried to teach her everything I know. We both learned a lot during this time.  It was basically something new every day.

A short time later my wife and I founded the The Subdivision, and for the past two years we are working together on all projects.

We really want to thank Autodesk for the spotlight and the space to showcase our work.

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