Air Vent

By Inactive- - Jun 4, 2009



Photo of a clean supermarket air vent. Diffuse, Normal, Specular and Glossiness maps included (1024 x 1024 pixels-TGA format)
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| 1 year ago
nice texture thanks for uploading
| 8 years ago
nice work thanks you bro.
ty very much. Work on a map with industrial "nuances" ;)
| 9 years ago
tks! good job!
| 9 years ago
thanks man for sharing :)
| 10 years ago
thanks a lot!!!! good job!!!
| 11 years ago
good job
| 11 years ago
Your welcome, taken at my local shopping centre when pondering the purchase of a new game, hope it helps :)
| 11 years ago
nice thanx!