Bonus tools for Maya 7 3

By AREA - Jul 27, 2007



Bonus Tools is a free collection of useful Maya scripts and plug-ins. After installing Bonus Tools, users will have a pull-down menu for easy access to the tools that cover all aspects of everyday use: general UI, modeling, animation, texturing, rendering
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| 9 years ago
I am running Maya 7 under Win 7 x64. It is giving Internal Error 2704. INSTALLDIR So any help?
| 10 years ago
Works great! Thanks!
| 11 years ago
Thanks. Worked great!
| 11 years ago
The download stops at 247Kb!
| 11 years ago
To unzip use Stuff it
| 11 years ago
I thought it was a zip error... actually it was an aborted download. When I tried downloading it a second time... the unzip works ...
| 11 years ago
I have Unzip error with this file as well
| 11 years ago
it has an eror. this zip file doesnt work
| 12 years ago
I have Downloaded and installed the Bonus Tools there is no problem with the file it works gr8!
| 12 years ago
hmm it has an error..... i can't unzip it!! :l