Dirty Red Bricks

By AREA - Jul 7, 2007



Lightly worn and blackened red bricks.
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| 3 years ago
nice texture
| 10 years ago
| 10 years ago
muy buena textura, gracias.
| 11 years ago
Beautiful texture, thank you
| 12 years ago
nice texture. THANKS!!!!!!
| 13 years ago
Looks extremely realistic thx dude i was looking for a texture like this
| 13 years ago
thank you for this texture!
| 13 years ago
Really nice bricks.
| 14 years ago
Beautiful! I have also made a seamless, tiled version of this if anyone would like it.!
| 14 years ago
very good bricks man!
| 14 years ago
Good brick texture, finely defined mortar, looks greate as bump map.