Free Mudbox 2010 Turntable Plug-in with source code.

By skycastleMud - Aug 13, 2009



Turntable Plug-in (Mac and Windows): The Turntable plug-in lets you capture a turntable movie of models you create in Mudbox 2010. We are providing it as a simple example of the kinds of features you can add to Mudbox 2010 using the new SDK plus our Q
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| 10 years ago
thanks a lot
| 11 years ago
Hi skycastleMud, I'm trying to compile your source code Turntable and I have some issues. I'm using VS2008 Professional Edition x86. Qt 4.6.2 with moc compiler. I managed to setup successfully in VS2008. I used the QtCore4.lib and QtGui4.lib from Qt 4.6.2 because it will have a problem if I used Mudbox SDK. I compiled the TurntableDialog.h using moc and changed it to moc_TurntableDialog.cpp. I add this to the Generate Files folder. I don't have any problem in compiling and linking. I managed to create the file. I add this in the plugin folder of Mudbox. I open Mudbox 2010 32bit and see the Plug-ins->Turntable Movie. But after I clicked the Turntable Movie I encountered a problem. A window pop-up with these messages"An unknown error has occurred while performing the operation. We are sorry for the inconvenience." Need your help with this problem ASAP.
| 11 years ago
just what i was looking for! thanks.
| 11 years ago
Many thanks for the good idea of this plugin !
| 11 years ago
Thanks! It is very useful.