Galvanized Metal

By AREA - Jul 7, 2007



Galvanized metal; greyish almost monochromatic colours.
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| 10 years ago
| 11 years ago
| 12 years ago
| 12 years ago
good, thank
| 12 years ago
Andy let's see your texture then if you are so good. You shouldnt make a rude comment it is free and you dont have to download it anyways. So rude!
| 13 years ago
hey you can submit your texture then mate :)
| 13 years ago
I think they might have been referring to the file having a nasty black streak on the right side. It has some streaks on the image too. It's not great. I could do better with a cheap camera in my basement.
| 13 years ago
the file is fine. try to delete your cache in the browser and download again.