Maya Dragon

By aaron1a12 - Jan 27, 2013



For those feeling nostalgic for Maya's 8 era, here's the old dragon splash updated for the new splash screen size. Credit for the dragon artwork: Loïc E338 Zimmermann
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| 7 months ago
like to say that my last comment is irrelevant, it was only because I have EDU edition, had to rename it MayaEDUStartupImage.png else it wouldn't work
| 1 year ago
so cool~~`
| 2 years ago
Nostalgic whit this
| 2 years ago
| 4 years ago
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| 5 years ago
Thanks shared
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| 5 years ago
Splash image of Now it is frivolous.
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| 5 years ago
super excelent idea
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| 6 years ago
| 6 years ago
Loving this! :D