MT Shading Network Generator

By mostafatalebi - Jun 8, 2012



MT Shading Newtwork Generator Written by Mostafa Talebi Build Ramp-Based Networks. With this script users can make networks of related ramps and a base shader, and if checked, a dirt material. This script has three
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| 7 years ago
Simply copy the content into script editor and run it, also put the bitmap in your bitmap directory.
| 7 years ago
thank you all. I need some time to write some other settings such that shading. Now greyed out parts are deliberately made due to enough time for compilation.
| 7 years ago
how to install and use ?? wondering what
| 7 years ago
in maya 2013
| 7 years ago
that's very useful! a bug report:it created shader didn't showup in the "Materials"tab of the hypershade,please fix it,thanks