NASA Lunar Rover, Detailed, High Poly, Textured - 3D Model. For 3DSMax 2012+

By infinitespaces - Mar 12, 2014



A detailed model of the lunar buggy, good for 3DsMax versions 2012+

Scene uses max standard materials, with mental ray set as the render.

Polys: 2,757,480

Verts: 1,398,075

Full set of preview ren
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| 6 months ago
Thanyou very much. Salaam and with Orison...
| 2 years ago
Great thanks for sharing ill use it on my mars walk rendering and share it
| 4 years ago
As a complete novice to 3D I am intending to use this as a marker to gauge my level of learning. The day I can produce similar work is now my target. You may say I am aiming so high will require a lunar rover when I get there.
Edited by 0mer9Oey 4 years ago
| 4 years ago
Thank you for sharing
Edited by RRxE8nqD 4 years ago
| 5 years ago
Hmmm! Nice work.
Edited by sErDmyMG 5 years ago
[b] That's a pretty impressing [/b]
Edited by yzOcQJvd 5 years ago
| 5 years ago
this is an awesome, detailed and precise 3D Work i must admire! best compliments.
Edited by RMWMMjy4 5 years ago
| 5 years ago
The link to the preview files should read: (Autodesk capitalised all submitted text at some point before publishing here).
Edited by EpzoXHG9 5 years ago