Rebel Pack 0.2.2

By - Sep 20, 2019



This version of the Rebel Pack, 0.2.2, works with Bifrost and later versions.

New in 0.2.2

  • New, less red icon
  • small_slice – a new compund that creates a small slice of an array in way that's faster for small slices
  • set_mesh_uvs is fixed
  • update_point_neighbors is faster
  • update_strand_basis is faster

What is the Rebel Pack?

The product team of Bifrost often make compounds for our own use, and these sometimes make it into the compounds Bifrost ships with. Quite a few of the compounds that ship with Bifrost today started here. These compounds are distributed together in a "pack", where some compounds use and rely on other compounds in a pack. The compounds included include math utilities, property access nodes, and nodes for manipulating strands, meshes, as well as some simulation caching utilities. 

In the graph these are all marked with a orange "R" icon as their names and namespaces are integrated into the existing ones. Ones with an orange test tube are especially experimental - we expect them to change. 

These are not officially supported like the compounds that ship with Bifrost, but we have been maintaining these and intend to continue to do so. We will also specify which versions of Bifrost these nodes are intended to work with. This is also a way for us, the product team of Bifrost, to act as if we're TDs at a studio maintaining our own set of compounds, which makes our testing a bit more like the real world. 

For information on how to install compounds and graphs, please see the documentation:

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| 11 months ago
hao to use it?
| 1 year ago
Hi Maximilian Schönherr just create folder path and restart Maya.
hi, i downloaded and extracted the pack. on my win 10-PC there was no compounds folder. the bifrost browser files (such as steamy breath) are located in a bifrost folder in den maya 2019 folder in the programs folder. i created a new compounds folder under the given path but could not locate the files in the bifrost browser after relaunching maya. any ideas how to get this pack running? ----maximilian
| 1 year ago
Thanks Florian....that's the ticket!
| 1 year ago
For anyone else wondering why dropping this pack into their Bifrost compound directory doesn't work: The archive hosted on here is missing its .zip file extension. You might have to rename it and add the extension yourself so you can extract it into said installation folder :)
Edited by bZ8ZPBbX 1 year ago