Screen Normal Shader

By Jooinsung - Sep 2, 2010



Rendering normal Texture use current object 1. install - copy to maxroot_ScriptsStartup 2. use - material editor find screen normal material 3. uninstall - delete
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| 10 years ago
very useful
| 10 years ago
foor?....may be...."poor"!
| 11 years ago
you can use this shader in 3d Max material editor (it works max 2008 or above version maybe i make this in 2010ver) make any 3d model and applay material (you can add addtional bump image) and press [Set Backgroud Color to Flat Normal button] it'll make background color to (128,128,255) after reder scene...and Save image and paste your own normal texture image you can use this shader like zbrush's normal shader p.s. sorry for my foor english :)
| 11 years ago
Thanks so much but i want ask,If that plugins setup on Photoshop or in other And how to use it best regard