By xninja - Oct 25, 2011



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| 8 years ago
Sorry, I should state that Mubox doesnt have a shoe and new ones are needed. Just make sure its low poly and hit "W" so we can see the wire frame. Cheers.
| 8 years ago
Nice gesture but I think many are missing the point with these base meshes here at The Area. In this case you have provided a mesh that looks almost identical to the one already provided in Mudbox. An ideal base mesh is one that would allow someone to create from scratch shapes not available in the library. I would even say the brain I uploaded isnt really necessary but however the Bug and its six extruded legs offers a small amount of new potential for someone willing to build...Think ALL quads, ALL square, and relatively low poly. Especially if it hasnt had its UV's layed out. UV's well done should be given extra credit in the forums but only after user approval...! Take care and please dont take this as a criticism. :)