Skin Child Texture

By michele71 - May 5, 2009



This texture is based on a photo of my son and it has served me for a modeling job. The package includes: Skin Texture, Normal Map and Specular map. Size image:1024X1024 Format texture: .TGA tileable. It has already corrected chromatically. highlight a
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| 4 years ago
you won't mind to add baby letter baby cotton baby diaper cotton/ letter texture Please Autodest. I like the stickers ^_^ BYE!? ? it add 2 ?? does Autodesk Add Baby Textures ?? Well i got work to do on the project BYE ^_^!?
| 8 years ago
| 8 years ago
really good..
| 11 years ago
| 11 years ago
Good one thanks to uploader.
| 12 years ago
Thank you very much. Thats a good freebee.
| 12 years ago
cool!!! excellent skin texture!! thank for sharing!!!