Smoke 2013 Color Warper Presets

By marc.hamaker - Aug 3, 2012



This is a collection of 10 sample grading presets for Smoke 2013. For additional details on how to use them, see the "READ ME" included in the .zip file. 1) Unzip the package and put the "" file and put it in a directory accessible fro
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| 7 years ago
Hi Egzen, I don't think these are locked to a version, so they may work in previous editions of Smoke. The subsetup menu isn't new in Smoke 2013, but I don't have a copy of 2012 handy to try them out.
| 7 years ago
Yes, great! Will these work on 2012?
| 7 years ago
Brilliant :)
| 7 years ago
More like this please!