Catch up with Maya: Out-of-this-world USD, animation, and modeling workflows

Image courtesy of Amaru Zeas.

Join the team behind Maya featuring an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the latest USD, animation, and modeling updates. During this 2.5 hour event, you’ll hear from the team behind Maya, as well as special guests from Industrial Light & Magic and Luma Pictures.

Watch the Maya webinar video on-demand here!




Introduction, Steven Roselle, Product Manager, Autodesk

USD Will Telford, Sr. Product Owner, Rigging, Autodesk & Paul Molodowitch, Lead Pipeline Technical Director, Luma Pictures

Rigging Will Telford, Sr. Product Owner, Rigging, Autodesk

Animation  Mark Tanner, Sr. Product Owner, Animation, Autodesk & Meghana Gupte, Sr. User Experience Designer, Autodesk & Jean-Denis Haas, Associate Animation Supervisor, Industrial Light & Magic

Modeling Steven Roselle, Product Manager, Autodesk

Q&A  All presenters