GDC 2018

March 19-23, 2018 San Francisco, California

Battlefield 1, image courtesy of DICE EA

Autodesk at GDC 2018

Couldn't make it to our Developer Day at GDC? Check this page out to watch our session online for free.

Presentations from GDC 2018

Autodesk Games Customers Reel 2018

Autodesk Developer Day

Maya Beta

At GDC 2018, the Autodesk team shared a sneak peek at some experimental work we’ve been doing in Maya. If you missed it, check out our Developer Day presentation (available online soon).

We’re taking applications for people interested in being part of the beta. Just email us and let us know a few things: who you are, your company, what you do at that company, and why you’re interested in joining our beta. We’ll be letting people into the beta slowly, so we thank you for your patience.

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