Andrea Bertaccini

February 2018 Artist of the Month

After a short period of suffering and much time spent on the computer, I casually began to collaborate with an architectural studio (Studio Lucchi & Biserni) and from that moment I understood that my passion could also satisfy my financial needs. 

I studied architecture at the University of Florence. In 1996 I was given a computer and since then “love has bloomed ". I was attracted by the possibility of giving life to everything. As a consequence of this, I found my passage to the three-dimensional world.

TREDISTUDIO was born in 2000 from an idea by me, Alessandro Lucchi and Cristiano Biserni with the desire to integrate different skills into a single structure that would offer services of graphic design, industrial design, architecture, furniture, communication, but especially three-dimensional graphics, modeling, animation, and postproduction.

Combining enthusiasm and passion to technical skills as well as, attention to the customer, TREDISTUDIO managed to produce works of quality at the highest level.

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.  Our passion for this work, the quality of its products and above all attention to the customer’s requirements has led us to work closely with several top brands in the design, furniture, communication and fashion sectors, such as Paola Lenti, Poltrona Frau, Cassina Cappellini, Martinelliluce, Christophe Gilbert and others.

I work on all the 3D projects, sometimes only at the final phase but often from the beginning through to the end.  I love to follow the entire work phase.  For me, it is important to be present in all parts of the production, which sometimes means that it limits the number of projects but we prefer to look at the quality and not quantity.

Even though my work keeps me busy most of the day, I continue to participate in the web competitions that I consider interesting, especially because I like to compare myself to other artists.

Many believe that participating in these online competitions is a waste of time and money, but we are of the opposite opinion.  Not only do these give you the opportunity to understand the quality of work on the international market but in certain cases, they also give you a visibility that would not have been possible otherwise.

Sometimes I laugh when I am called "digital artist" because it's just what I like to do. Luckily my work is my PASSION and when I get home, I turn on the computer again, this is probably the most rewarding thing.

I have to thank Khinetic, Discreet and especially Autodesk for contributing to my passion for this work. I have used 3ds Max since 2000 and right now it is just a part of me. We have been meeting every morning for 18 years.

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thanks very much
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really thanks Cookie Cutter
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Congrats! No stopping at any time! Slick wheels dude. That moon man looks like he's on a regular old good adventure!
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