Image courtesy of Dennis Iversholt

Dennis Iversholt

September 2018 Artist of the Month

"Hi, my name is Dennis Iversholt and I am a 3D generalist at Cadesign form in Aarhus, Denmark.

I have always had a passion for drawing and painting images. My first experience with 3D was when I got the opportunity to try out 3d Studio Max R2 back in 1998. My first 3D images were quite horrible. My improvement was very slow and for years I thought I would never have the skills to work in the 3D industry, so for a long time, it was only a hobby.

I posted some of my first images in online forums and got some not so great feedback, which was fully deserved. I was very inspired by Steven Stahlberg who even back then, was creating some very impressive 3D images. These days I am especially inspired by 3D artists like Marek Denko, Cornelius Dämmrich, and Bertrand Benoit.

I did improve over the years and in 2007 I landed my first job as a 3D generalist. In 2010, I moved on to work at Cadesign form where I work with both interior and exterior visualization.

My main strength as a 3D artist is probably that I always try to improve and learn new things. I understand that I am far from great in all areas of 3D. I would like to learn new things or at least improve in a particular area when I work on one of my personal projects.

When creating a new image, I try to focus especially on composition, colors and lighting, which all need to be right if the final image is going to look good.

In my "Forest road" image, my focus was on creating a realistic forest and getting the dark foggy mood just right. The landscape was created in 3ds Max using poly modeling and "paint deformation" which was quite simple. The road was then unwrapped, and the textures were painted in Photoshop.

The utility poles, the street sign, and a few other objects were also made in 3ds Max but textured in Substance Painter, which has made texturing a lot more fun than it used to be.

The forest was created with Forest Pack, which gave me great control of exactly what the forest was going to look like. Finally, the image was rendered using Corona renderer. 


For more of Dennis Iversholt's work visits his portfolio.


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| 3 months ago
awesome bro ^~^
| 4 months ago
Awesome Dennis.. If you want to give an advice to yourself 20 years ago what would it be? Thanks
Edited by W8FwaxYr 4 months ago
| 4 months ago
"wow" awesome work!
| 4 months ago
Fantastic work!
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