Diego Avesani

Welcome back AREA reader! Another month has gone by and that means it’s time to share another phenomenal artist with you! Meet AREA’s October Artist of the Month, Diego Avesani. Diego is based in Brasilia, Brazil, where he works for several 3D animation studios in Look Developing and Lighting. 

Diego Avesani 

What was your “this is what I want to do as a career” moment?

The first time I came across the 3D industry was in my late teens, at a computer fair in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was at Fenasoft, in 1994, where I saw an SGI with Alias | Wavefront’s PowerAnimator, for the first time. At that moment, I decided that I wanted to work in this industry. I started studying at a very difficult time since access to information was limited. Unlike today, there was no internet and a limited variety of courses to take on the subject. You were practically limited to the region you lived in, learning everything through trial and error. After a while, as the Internet started to evolve, forums geared towards 3D art and art-making were at my disposal and it quickly became my go-to source of knowledge. That’s when I had the opportunity to get in touch with people of different levels of expertise from around the world. This moment was not only vital in expanding my knowledge, but also in learning new things, and getting references. Later, I launched a company to serve the advertising market. I am currently moving to a new, professional stage, where I will be able to contribute and continue in development.

What does the 3D community look like where you currently live?

Unfortunately, the 3D market in my city is not very prominent or well-known. Sadly, the lack of visibility forces a lot of people to have to work remotely, as I do, or to leave Brasilia altogether.

Motoca by Diego Avesani

How did you develop your art style? How do you balance your cartoony style with your more hyper-realistic style?

My style is the natural product of my entertainment consumption. I’ve always liked dioramas and seeing realistic paintings applied in miniatures. I watch a lot of animation, especially the classics like “Ghost in the Shell” and “AKIRA,” where cartoon-style characters and realistic backgrounds are often combined. I’ve always liked and had an appreciation for that style. I also love realistic paintings and illustrations that your eyes perceive to be real but that you know aren’t. Achieving that effect comes from balancing these references rather than favouring one style or the other.

Smile by Diego Avesani

What inspires your work?

Many things inspire me, such as movies/television, music, comics, illustration, books…but the pleasure of creating as well as the desire to do and to learn are my biggest motivators. That’s what gets me excited to keep creating.

What does your workflow look like?

My workflow depends a lot on the project, but mostly, we start by looking for reference images to study. Before starting to texture, I get the sculpt maps, which helps a lot in the process, then I export these maps with the geometry to Substance Painter, according to the art direction style. I think it’s cool to make the textures by hand without using photos. When it’s a personal piece, I try to do everything “by hand” because I always have more time to do so. I can learn a lot that way. I go back to Maya, where another stage begins: creating the materials, lighting, and grooming to render it; I don’t even notice the hours passing by!

Carlitos (left) and Nerd (right) by Diego Avesani

Which of your projects are you most proud of?

Any project where you manage to overcome an obstacle is worth being proud of, at any level. Whether it’s something you’ve never done before, something you’ve developed after studying and doing research on, or something new you learned in the process, that should make anyone proud.

What advice do you have for 3D artists just starting their careers?

Keep in mind that the learning curve is long. Be patient to get results, have a lot of focus and determination for where you want to go. One important thing is to always be producing something, especially personal works.


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