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Duc Phil Nguyen

July 2018 Artist of the Month

Hello everyone! My name is Phil and I am 32 years old. I currently work as a senior character artist at Unit Image and do freelance work on the side. I am still quite young as a professional CG artist (6 years) but my perception and love for the anatomy and characters stem from much earlier.

Since I was 7, thanks to my cousins, I loved drawing and I began to learn by myself. My first sources of inspiration were my favorite heroes (Dragon Ball, TMNT, etc...). During my teens, until I was 25, I drew portraits of people, which I turned into a mini business, for pocket money.

I started the doing CG ten years ago (2008) at school where I learned the basics of modeling, texturing and lighting/rendering with Maya and Mental Ray. I started with simple assets and gradually moved to characters.

My skills have improved over the years thanks to my variety of professional experiences. I learned about delivering tasks and working quickly in sculpting and texturing, during my time at TAT Productions, given the time constraints of doing a series. I advanced my hair and fur skill set during my period at MPC London with a team of great artists. And finally, now at Unit Image, where I currently continue to blossom and improve my knowledge and skills with other awesome artists.

In my personal projects, I like to make tributes to the real or fantasy characters who have somehow marked me. My style is realism but not entirely. My final rendering point is what I consider the most attractive in the composition and I voluntarily accent it, without being excessive.  This is to highlight the modeling details and most of the time, the face and the personality.

My sources of inspiration are quite varied. They are mainly those who pushed me since I started in the CG industry.  They are Dave Rapoza, Rafael Grassetti, Mathieu Aerni and I know that I am forgetting a lot of others. There are many artists who are very inspiring and motivate me to learn more and more.

You can follow my professional work on my website or my Artstation page.

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