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Rob Bryant, Jr.

March 2019 Artist of the Month

Hi, my name is Rob Bryant, Jr. I’m a pure 3D Generalist originally from North Carolina where I was born, raised and where I found my love for 3D in college.

The Foundation

Shortly after I graduated with a degree in 3D Arts I found myself working as a photographer for a traditional portrait photography studio. It was here that I learned the fundamentals of portrait lighting and composition in a real-world setting. I began applying these principles to my 3d work and that’s where it all “Clicked” for me. I became obsessed with lighting, mood and storytelling. My cg portraits began to feel less artificial and more natural. I don’t personally fancy using the word photorealistic, because I don’t think that’s what I strive for. I strive to make my creations feel believable and relatable. 

The Beginning

I moved to New York and eventually started working in the city as a 3D generalist for a CGI/retouching studio creating photorealistic products for marketing and online representations as well as animations and effects. It was during this time that I received an invitation to join the team at Apple. It was my first west coast experience and I loved it. From there I went on to work for other studios such as Microsoft, Logitech and others. I grasped a strong hold on product lighting and rendering and it feels great to be able to see creations which you've worked on alongside other talented artists, in stores and online.
To Knit or Knot to Knit, that is the question.

I’ve always strived to produce personal work to maintain my own standard of growth and while working in Silicon Valley (creating imagery for hardware) I eventually began exploring a procedural approach to knitting in 3D in my spare time outside of work. The initial goal was to create something interesting and believable and it quickly spiraled into a full out obsession. I just can’t stop now. The organic nature of fabrics has always intrigued me as I’ve always had an innate attraction to both style and fashion. I began creating stories and mood with lighting composition and cloth FX in 3D. 

Maya, Oh Maya

I will continue exploring and pushing the boundaries of what amazing software like Autodesk Maya and Arnold will allow. Maya has been the backbone of my 3D career because of its versatility and capabilities. I can even develop tools (as I’m working on with the knitting project) and I feel uninhibited. This is huge for an explorer like myself as I dislike the feeling of being handcuffed by software.

Hi Arnold, it’s nice to meet you.

I started using Arnold when it was a third-party plugin for Maya in 2014 (I believe). I immediately fell in love with it because of it’s straight-forward approach to lighting and rendering. I didn’t have to fiddle with a slew of settings and make a lot of unnatural “cheats” to achieve the look that I was after. This is what made me fall in love with it. I can create an image very quickly that meets my aesthetics without compromise. When I heard the news that Arnold was joining the Autodesk family I did 2 cartwheels in my living room.

Art is Life

The beauty of art is that it is a reproduction of life. It allows us to communicate ideas to one another without having to use words at all (if we choose not to). When I find tools (like the ones Autodesk creates) that will allow me to create art at the speed at which my mind thinks, you have a customer for life. 

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